The Crazy Story of Sonic Frontiers' Development Secrets

The story of Sonic Frontiers’ development reveals more than just the history of Sonic’s open-zone experiment, it also reveals the future of the franchise. #SonicFrontiers #SonicFrontiersFinalHorizon #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog Let’s finally get to 100K Subscribers! View ALL of my channels and social media: Support me on Patreon: Sonic Frontiers[a] is a 2022 platform game […]

15 Scary Videos Making You Never Want to Leave Your Home

Welcome to the realm where darkness reigns, beckoning to the curious and the fearless alike! In this list of creepy videos I bring you today, you’ll be on a nerve-wracking journey that will leave you trembling with a potent mix of dread and chills! Here are 15 scary videos making you never want to leave […]

The Greatest Akainu Theory Ever Made

Does Akainu have plans of his own for the Marines? Does he have a past connection to Kuma and Dragon? What will he do when he learns the truth about Imu? Many questions and more will be answered as we discuss one of the most dangerous forces hiding in the end game of One Piece. […]