Does Akainu have plans of his own for the Marines? Does he have a past connection to Kuma and Dragon? What will he do when he learns the truth about Imu?

Many questions and more will be answered as we discuss one of the most dangerous forces hiding in the end game of One Piece. So join me in this huge, 50 minute love letter to everyone’s most hated marine – Akainu.

0:00 Intro
3:39 The Red Hound
15:17 Akainu’s End Game
28:12 Mob Mentality
48:42 Conclusion

*This video contains spoilers for the One Piece live action series and manga up to chapter 1093*
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Credit and a big thank you to Winnie for this absolutely insane thumbnail art!

AND huge thanks to Anton Ericsson for writing and producing the first track of this video, “Molten Rock” custom made just for this video! He’s incredibly talented and you really should check out his stuff.

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