00:00 SCP-096 VS. SCP-173
13:37 SCP-999 Tickle Monster VS. the Most Evil SCPs
27:54 SCP-3812 – A Voice Behind Me
40:55 SCP-847 – The Mannequin
52:18 The Last SCP – SCP-5999 – This is Where I Died
01:05:16 SCP-3760 – Like a Doll’s Eyes
01:17:02 SCP-882 – A Machine
01:29:57 SCP-3004 – Insect God – Imago
01:42:21 SCP-186 – To End All Wars
01:56:06 SCP-1919 – Hotel of Duplicates
02:08:15 SCP-4153 – Haunted House Horror – It Came from Site-9!
02:20:44 SCP-1467 – The Disappearing Man
02:33:11 SCP-2480 – An Unfinished Ritual
02:46:03 SCP-811 – Swamp Woman
02:59:01 SCP-3449 – The Things Left Unsaid

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