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Once nicknamed the New Gattuso whilst at AC Milan! What Kevin-Prince Boateng’s favourite team to play for was? Why did he clashed with Clarence Seedorf? How Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic mentored him? How Schalke was the worst time in his career? And how he felt like retiring during his time there? How tough was it to play under Martin Jol at Spurs? How Klopp helped him regain his confidence in his early stage of his career? How his tackle on Ballack made him public enemy number 1 in Germany? Welcome back to the FIVE YT Channel today, we have a special guest joining Rio Ferdinand, Joel Beya, and Stephen Howson, Kevin-Prince Boateng! Tune in as he talks about Messi being late at Barcelona, about his clashes with Seedorf and Pirlo at AC Milan, and his overall career.

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0:00; – Introduction of guests and hosts
0:22; – Why has Boateng played at so many clubs?
3:12; – Boateng speak on the being alone and young with a lot money made him less serious
10:13; – Was Bale going out and partying and having the same approach to training as Boateng?
12:35; – is Klopp’s best attribute his ability to make players perform?
16:44; – How did Boateng leave a relegated team to AC Milan?
18:54; – Why did Boateng choose to play Ghana & his brother Germany?
20:54; – What’s it like playing with Pirlo, Nesta, Ronaldinho etc?
37:45; – Where have you played that has the craziest fan base?
42:15; – How was Boateng given the well known number 10 by Seedorf
43:35; – Prince speaks on telling the president that’s leaving AC Milan
48:45; – Why did Boateng get kicked out of Ghana?
52:53; – Boateng on Racism and how it’s impacted his career (AC Milan)
1:00:01; – Rio & Boateng discuss De Zerbi
1:08:27; – What it was like being in Barcelona’s Dressing Room
1:12:48; – What was the best standard he trained with?
1:13:20; – Boateng on Messi in training and the respect he commends
1:16:20; – Boateng on Messi routine before a Champions League Game
1:18:00; – Boateng on his Barcelona Teammates and relationships
1:20:06; – Boateng on the his time at Monza and suffering depression
1:25:15; – Boateng on moving countries regularly
1:27:39; – Outro

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