Dutch Mantell Watches Top Dolla’s Dive BOTCH!
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Clip from Story Time with Dutch Mantell #69

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Legendary wrestler, manager, commentator, producer and booker ”Dirty” Dutch Mantell (WWE’s Zeb Colter) brings his definitive takes on the latest news in the professional wrestling business as well as the most entertaining stories from years gone by to the podcast airwaves.

The Dirty Dutchman from Oil Trough, Texas has worked almost every single major promotion and wrestling territory in the United States over an illustrious 50 year career, including WWE, WWF, WCW, NWA, SMW, TNA, USWA, UWF, OVW, Impact, Georgia, Tennessee, Knoxville, Kansas City, St Louis, Florida, Memphis, Houston, Detroit, Mid-South, Kentucky, Mid-Atlantic, Dallas and even more – and that’s not counting Puerto Rico and Japan!

Every week, Dutch Mantell will give you his hot takes on the latest news, re-live some of the most memorable shows and events through history, bring you along on a virtual road trip to explain the nuances of the wrestling business, tell classic stories from throughout the decades and answer YOUR questions every week. There may even be a guest or two coming up in the future, so make sure you subscribe and never miss an episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell!

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