ASSASSIN’S CREED MIRAGE All Cutscenes (Full Game Movie) 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

Special thanks to Ubisoft for the free copy of Assassin’s Creed Mirage!


In the age of the Abbasid Caliphate, Basim Ibn Ishaq is a young street thief living in the city of Anbar with his friend Nehal. For all of his life, Basim has been haunted by visions of a monstrous jinni, which Nehal had been helping him cope with. While just a simple thief, Basim has greater aspirations and attempts to join the Hidden Ones, but is flatly rejected by the senior Hidden One stationed in Anbar, Roshan. In an effort to prove himself, Basim sneaks into the Caliph’s palace to steal a chest that both the Hidden Ones and the Order of the Ancients are seeking. He manages to open the chest to find a disk-like artifact, which activates upon his touch and gives him a brief vision before being interrupted by the Caliph. Nehal kills the Caliph to save Basim and they both flee the palace. The palace guards then begin slaughtering all of the known thieves in Anbar, many of which were Basim’s friends, and he blames Nehal before parting ways. Now on the run, Basim manages to escape the city with Roshan’s help, and she takes him to the Hidden Ones’ mountain fortress at Alamut.

As always we included relevant story dialogue, important gameplay and all cutscenes to stitch together the full game story. We hope you enjoy!

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