Is it any wonder that politicians like Rishi Sunak & Donald Trump are pushing back so hard against Electric Cars when there is so much wrong with them? Too expensive, too heavy, flawed batteries, flawed infrastructure, & are they really ‘greener ‘ anyway? These are just some of the things that we hear every day. So why are sales of battery electric vehicles growing like crazy around the globe?

Watch as an ex-Top Gear presenter & a ‘scrapheap specialist’ dismantle everything you thought you knew about electric vehicles. See the “Biggest Electric Car ‘Bull’ Shattered”, & in front of a live audience. Isn’t it time to #StopBS, & start to put the poor motorist & the beleaguered taxpayer first?

This episode was filmed very recently in Westminster in front of an assembled audience of politicians, press and motorists. Be sure to share ‘the truth about electric cars’ widely….

For more on the organisers of this event, head to:

There are several stories quoted in this episode, here are as many of them as we could fit here:

– “Electric cars are better for the climate than petrol or diesel” – Hannah Ritchie, Our World in Data;

– “EVs are really much better” – Auke Hoekstra, Eindhoven University of Technology;

– “Do Electric Vehicles reduce air pollution?” – Hannah Ritchie, Our World in Data;

– “The End of the ICE age, and how EVs will win” – Rocky Mountain Institute;

– “Consumer support key to faster and fairer EV transition as market enters new phase” – SMMT;

Consumer support key to faster and fairer EV transition as market enters new phase

– “Battery makers slash cobalt intensity in face of accelerating demand” – SP Global;,-Author%20Camellia%20Moors&text=Makers%20of%20electic%2Dvehicle%20batteries,fraught%20with%20troubling%20labor%20practices.

– “Tesla is already using cobalt-free LFP batteries in half of its new cars produced” – Electrek;,and%20expand%20our%20supplier%20base.

– “Here’s why sodium-ion batteries are shaping up to be a big technology breakthrough” – CNBC;

– “The electricity grid won’t be able to handle the increase in EVs” – National Grid;

– “Electric cars catch fire less often than fossil fuel cars” – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency;,-The%20fires%20in&text=Gasoline%20or%20diesel%2Dpowered%20cars,for%20car%20fires%20in%202022.

– “No EVs in the multi-storey car park collapse” – BBC News;

– “No EVs in this multi-storey car park fire” – Sky News;

– “Do EVs produce more tyre & brake pollution than petrol and diesel equivalents?” – Euan McTurk;

– “I’m Grateful That I Was Driving My EV When I Got Stuck On I-95” – ZETA;

– “Owning an electric vehicle in Europe could be cheaper than you think, new research shows” – World Economic Forum;

– “Winter range for popular EV models” – Recurrent Auto;

– “Electric Car costs set to plummet” – Sky News;

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00:00 Intro
02:59 Doubt
12:40 Stand Up
14:48 EVs Cleaner?
19:14 Dirty Batteries?
29:08 Fire Risk?
34:12 Tyre Dust?
36:40 Grid Cope?
40:37 Invisible Infrastructure?
43:20 Heavy BEVs?
47:30 Too Expensive?
49:15 Too Soon?

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