Israel blockades Gaza; Republicans search for House Speaker; More news | AP Top Stories

Here’s the latest for Wednesday October 11th: Israel blockades Gaza and launches more airstrikes; 1,200 known dead in Israel; Republicans search for House Speaker; Republican Kari Lake running for Arizona senate seat. Read more: This video may be available for archive licensing via #Israel #blockades #Gaza #Republicans #search #House #Speaker #news #Top #Stories

Gaetz Leads 7 Republicans, House Democrats In Ousting McCarthy | NPR News Now

NPR’s “News Now” is a roundup of the top stories of the day in under five minutes. Click “Show More” for a list of today’s stories: 0:00 Today’s Top Stories 0:17 Kevin McCarthy Ousted As House Speaker 1:08 Poll Finds Biden, Trump In A Dead Heat 2:12 5 Injured In Morgan State University Shooting 2:40 […]

Darling's Doll House Story

🍪 Emily is moving into her new apartment. Darling and her doll house is there too but as an uninvited guest. What will happen? I hope you enjoy this rp video inspired by the Roblox obby. Have a magical day and I’ll see you in my next video! :D💙 Watch Escape Darling Doll House Roblox […]

What happens now that Kevin McCarthy has been removed as House speaker

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted from his leadership position on Tuesday following a historic vote — so, what happens next? CBS News brings you the latest on this story and other top headlines. #news #politics #livenews “Face the Nation” is America’s premier Sunday morning public affairs program. The broadcast is one of the longest-running […]