Electricity Making Science Project – We Make Electricity Just By Walking Or Running.

Talking With 100 Talking Cactus Video Link – https://youtu.be/q9RuLk9p12E?si=4d6nAfiXfLPEAF-w

Watch This Playlist – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs2q0kQKcqma0C44OiJUdaOSoC61Bmloe&si=VT3YPVtPT59NCsK0

Some Of Our Best Builds –

1. Ufo Car – https://youtu.be/rPadun7ANwo?si=334OMIuwYJsKQmME

2. Floating House In Water – https://youtu.be/lpnhm0G5MSo?si=y-G7_38yX4Tm5iYP

3. Tunnel Swimming Pool – https://youtu.be/q-9L-DEN6Ag?si=ipzoCCd-s1l3vC9y

4. House On A Car – https://youtu.be/3EvAAyFTtz4?si=eEkiUJmip5DMGiA-

5. Personal Electric Dam – https://youtu.be/ApzXZ9LzKes?si=uaMiU7wmUZjVefjz

6. Black Hole Making Machine – https://youtu.be/91pe_U35C6U?si=mdwI7wUpZ2gqhXBQ

7. Underground House – https://youtu.be/5XntpeZuFgg?si=qytaiXZMhFan8jWZ

8. Unique Swimming Pool – https://youtu.be/o5r90sBO4Rs?si=cTWVAi8mW1eHmfUQ

9. House In A Truck – https://youtu.be/vyGJkV49gA4?si=5A0enD3KcqXs2ZOV

10. Coolest House Made From Ice – https://youtu.be/BHKMBKC8OYw?si=z-k5mIam33l7SW6x

Thanks You So Much Guy’s. For Watching.

This is an amazing science project in this project we can make electricity just by using only human power.
our human electricity generator can can make 220 volts of electricity.

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